Those who wish to place bulk orders are eligible for wholesale prices. The minimum order for wholesale is 100 cartridges. which will be given at a fixed price. To become a wholesaler contact us via email at ( ) and state the following:

Reason for Buying in Bulk

Are you a reseller/retailer?

Do you own a dispensary/Vape shop?

Provide your Username

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Once you provide the above information, it will be reviewed and if accepted your account will be created.

Once your account is created you will receive an email with your account information with a link for you to change your password. You are a jeeter juice carts Wholesaler. And you will now enjoy the monthly promotions and gifts for our wholesalers.


For international shipping outside the (  United States) payment is exclusively accepted via Bitcoin. Please use the following wallet address for payment. We only accept Bitcoin due to specific reasons.

Our shipments are handled with utmost discretion and are sent as diplomatic parcels, ensuring they will not undergo inspection by customs officers.

BTC WALLET:    1B11vue3THV92Gj74LVzqHPhH1B6RbUknK